This project is an infographic I created for ContentSquare, which is an enterprise-level UX optimization platform, with offices in New York, the UK, and Western Europe. Acting as a prioritization layer between traditional analytics tools and Optimizely, ContentSquare empowers the entire digital team to identify areas of focus for testing, enabling clients to run more accurate tests and create uplift more often. This particular infographic was centered around mobile and technology use, as well as the use of what the French call “connected speakers,” or what we as Americans call “smart speakers.” I chose to utilize ContentSquare’s primary color palette (red, yellow, and orange), and divide the infographic into three sections. This allows the reader to read each row of information, and guides the eye along the page. I had a lot of fun creating whimsical illustrations for each section, and some were more challenging than others to illustrate- for example, abstract concepts such as consumer engagement.

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