This project was created for my personal brand, serving as a professional letterhead and a resume, designed as deliverables to present to future employers. I wanted to represent my creativity, whimsical style of design, and maintain professionalism. I used a simple color palette of soft pink, white, and black; and an abstract bubble-style illustration to give visual interest to the background of both pieces. I chose to make the columns of text wider and shorter, rather than the more traditional thin columns, to give visual balance and contrast with the background. The fonts I chose are Fenwick for the body copy, for its sans-serif simplicity, and Lovelo/Lovelo Black for my name and title respectively- because I love the depth and movement the fractured lines within the letters give. I chose to use a slightly darker shade of salmon for the titles of the sections, to give some contrast, but not distract from the most important information.

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